All 4 fragrances, 4 different experiences


Emerald Cyruss, Nerolina, Golden Grevillea
A woody and grounding fragrance, Kara features Emerald Cypress Tree (Callitris columellaris), found in the Great Diving Ranges. It introduces us to a distinct freshness with notes of pine and soft underbrush, intensified with balsmasic resins and vanilla, and balanced with sweet floral end notes of iris and sweet violet nectars. An earthy and enduring fragrance, Kara is a constant, bringing stillness and balance, calm and repose.
White Cyress, Jasmine, Kunzea
A cleansing and abundant frangrance, Dirra features White Cypress, (Callitris glaucophylla), a plant found in dryer alpine climates. It carries bright mineral notes, with ambient undertones of eucalyptus and citrus, sea kelp and spices, and lifts with a light floral finish of jasmine and lily. Dirra brings reflection and openess, clarity and movement. An encompassing and ethereal fragrance, Dirra is in flow; ever-changing and present.
Buddha Wood, Native Pepper, Ylang Ylang
A deep and transformative frangrance, Badha features Buddha Wood, (Eremophila mitchellii), a small tree, located in dry regions of Queensland, New South Wales  and South Australia. It enjoys deeper whiskey notes, where the median feels spicy, woody,  musky, and smoky. Badha is purifying, protective, moving with ardour and passion. A powerful fragrance that leads with a consuming aromatic incense that burns and  brightens, lightened by citrus end notes.

Kimberley Heath, Honey Myrtle, Sandalwood
A floral and empowering frangrance, Gida features Kimberley Heath (Calytrix exstipulata), a plant found in Australia’s northern regions and brings bright berry tones, with soothing undertones of woody, wild bush notes and a lifts with a warm macadamia finish. Gida is conscious, considered, and a shift with intensity and purpose, aware, and awake. An enveloping and warm fragrance, Gida is active and inspiring; the beginning.